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When companies really want to take care of their employees

They turn to Buttonwood

Buttonwood focuses on advising companies about their employee benefits and executive strategies. Buttonwood partners with companies providing professional consulting on retirement plans, employee benefits and executive strategies to their employees. Our service is an excellent opportunity for aligning the goals and values of your employees with their financial capabilities.

We bring a different approach to employee benefits. Our consultative and values-based philosophy aids you in fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities while giving your employees the opportunity to take full advantage of their benefits. This value-added approach may result in higher productivity and a more satisfying workplace environment.

With Buttonwood by your side, employers and employees alike can focus on day-to-day business with confidence.

We live in a global economy and an ever-increasing complex world. Now, more than ever, people need assistance with their financial planning – and they need it from someone they can trust and who has their interests at heart.

Buttonwood delivers just that!

As independent Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ we offer customized financial planning – with no ties to banks, insurance companies or investment firms. The financial well-being of our clients is our number one priority.